Across multiple mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures at BNY Mellon, BlodgettSmith conducted due diligence and analysis of a number of aspects to determine optimum outcomes. The work included looking three to five years out to assess where BNY Mellon wanted to be and how to get there. In addition to the planning side of these activities, BlodgettSmith also engaged in executing the plans, following through recommendations with action.

“Liz knows how to ask the right questions, dissect the issues, come up with the action plan, and execute it, all while collaborating freely and actively with the rest of the team.”
— Nadine Chakar, EVP Global Head of Derivatives, BNY Mellon.


Couture Planet started with a cool idea: instead of recycling newspapers, use them as a durable fashion statement. The company developed a process for manufacturing fashionable, one of a kind bags using actual newspaper pages as the visual statement. But an idea is only the first step in building a sustainable business. So the company turned to BlodgettSmith for help with strategy, planning, advice on sourcing and solving business problems.

“Liz is my go-to person whenever I have a business question, need advice, or a more-experienced viewpoint. She’s a mentor, advisor and collaborator all wrapped up in one.”
— Michelle Kane, President, Couture Planet


Seventy percent of Boston Public School 4th graders are not proficient in literacy, which means that they are four times more likely to drop out of high school. Further, children in low-income neighborhoods start kindergarten 60% behind their more affluent peers because of poor oral language skills. Generations Incorporated makes a difference in these populations through literacy programs that include matching kids with adult mentors. In addition to holding a board seat, BlodgettSmith also helped Generations significantly improve their marketing and strategic plans.

“In both our strategy and our marketing, Liz has been instrumental in getting Generations Incorporated to where we are today. In the best, most collegial way possible, she pushed us hard and the results show.”
— Mary Gunn, Executive Director, Generations, Inc.


With the motto “Live to Learn. Learn to Live,” Proctor Academy works to support a wide range of learning styles through a highly collaborative, individualized process, a broad and challenging curriculum, and unparalleled experiential learning opportunities on and of campus.

The Academy turned to BlodgettSmith for help in two major initiatives: a five-year strategic plan and a $30 million capital campaign. Accomplishments included spearheading the strategic planning process and designing, creating and running the Focus Group that devised the strategic plan; and developing, initiating and executing the strategy, messaging and marketing for the capital campaign.

“Liz helped us crystallize, create and effectively communicate our vision for moving forward, and to be more methodical in our process. In addition to seeing the end-goal, she also clearly sees the stepping stones of how to get where you want to be.”
— Mike Henriques, Head of School, Proctor Academy


Teachers face challenges as they try to develop their practice based on their individual needs and classroom contexts. As former teachers, Taylor Percival and Jessica Yarmosky know exactly what that's like. So they founded the Teacher Development Network to transform the design and delivery of professional development to help teachers cultivate profound, engaging classroom environments for their students. The seminal idea was an exciting one, but the founders needed help creating their business plan, budget, and fundraising strategy. BlodgettSmith provided that mentorship, as well as helping them create and validate their mission and vision.

“Liz helped us ask all the right questions (and recognize the right answers), as well as putting a structure around everything we needed to do to launch our company.”
— Taylor Percival, President, Teacher Development Network


Penguin Hall is a magnificent 50-acre estate north of Boston. When the owner teamed with a partner intending to transform the estate into an elegant independent-living community, they turned to BlodgettSmith for due diligence, research, planning and management expertise. Over the course of the effort to establish the community, BlodgettSmith implemented and managed the marketing and sales plan, oversaw the creation and operation of the website, and ultimately ran the exit strategy when adverse conditions like the great recession made the project unviable.

“Liz Blodgett-Smith brings many things to the table.

When approaching difficult situations, her warmth and profound integrity inspire confidence and trust;
when examining complex problems, she offers thoughtful analyses and unexpected insights; and
when decisions have been made, her followup is comprehensively thorough and action-oriented.

I experienced this personally during our two years pursuing Penguin Hall Senior Living where she was our prime organizer, our marketing director, our client champion and our organizational soul.

Above and through all, Liz Blodgett-Smith applies common sense to uncommon problems — Socratic thinking, Platonic debate, Aristotelian logic and Alexandrian determination, all behind a beautiful smile.”
— Jim Mullen, Owner, Penguin Hall and Founder Mullen Advertising