BlodgettSmith Group brings extensive experience to bear in helping start-ups, small and mid-size companies plan and execute key business actions.

The Group offers expert services in strategy, tactics, marketing and management support for starting a company or rolling out an initiative.

Additionally, for companies on the move—mergers, acquisitions, growth, new markets, etc.—the Group creates actionable roadmaps based on analyzing where the company is today and whether it needs to make adjustments in order to reach its goals.

BlodgettSmith also provides project-level planning and management services. Examples include training programs and integration of departments, staff, technology platforms, etc.

The Group is led by Liz Blodgett, a 20+ year veteran of executive positions in companies ranging from start-ups (including her own) to Fortune 50 businesses. She has extensive managerial and hands-on experience supporting complex business initiatives, resolving challenging environments, and guiding companies through various growth stages.

BlodgettSmith Group is based in the Boston area.